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 While the from below is preferred, you can submit your Consignment inventory by printing and mailing the form here.

Enter your consignment items for the New Mexico Fiber Arts Center Shop or any the Center's Shows below.

Show and Shop Consignment Terms

1) Be an active Member of the New Mexico Fiber Arts Center. If Membership lapses items will be removed from the shop.

2) Provide a completed W9 prior to sales and prior to any payments being made to the artist.

3) Agree to the current consignment percentage of Shop: 65/35, Special Event: 80/20 and Show: 85/15.

4) Understand that the Center retains the right to change the consignment percentage at any time, however, all artists will be contacted prior to any changes.

5) Shop: Remove or replace items that have not sold within 6 months – we recommend coming into the shop to do this at least twice per year, once in the spring and once in fall.

6) Shop: Agree that if any item does not sell within one year the artist will be contacted to remove the item. If the item is not removed after three tries at contact, the item becomes property of the Center and the artist forfeits any compensation.

7) Provide the Center with updated contact information at all times.

8) Artists should insure their work against theft or damage as the Center cannot be held liable for any items lost, stolen or damaged.

9) Shop: This Consignment Agreement Form valid one year from the listed date.

Member Information

Consignment Items

Inventory Entry Instructions:

1) Gather your items and have a list ready before entering to speed up your process.
2) If you have more than one item with the same description and price, you can create ONE line for all those items. You can use 'Various' as your color description.
3) Use 3 letters and three numbers or your choice, for your Artists Item #.
4) The Item Name and Color fields cannot be more than 12 characters each.
5) If you are entering an item that is already marked with an EVFAC given POS number, enter that number in the POS Item # field.
6) Double check all entries before submitting.
7) Adhere to your show inventory deadlines.
8) All items must be entered into the list and the form submitted before closing this page and before closing your browser window. Your information will not save unless the form is submitted.
9) You will receive a submission confirmation email once submitted to print for your records.

- To add an item, click New
- To update an item, click on a row, then click Edit
- To delete an item, click on a row, then click Delete

Quantity Item Name/Description Color/Material Artist Item # Price POS #