EVFAC continues to rely on the generosity of Members and Supporters. Your monetary investment is an unparalleled opportunity to conserve Fiber Arts traditions in New Mexico. Please make your tax-deductible gift today and join EVFAC as we support knowledge growth, skill development and artistic expression. Your help powers the importance of the ‘hand’ in the ‘handmade’ that transforms individuals, strengthens community and builds partnerships rooted in Fiber Arts heritage.

Consider becoming an EVFAC donor today!

Goods Donations

EVFAC welcomes your donations of time, money, and sellable fiber arts tools and supplies. One way EVFAC serves the fiber arts community is by “recycling” used equipment and fiber arts supplies. Our sales of donated equipment and supplies helps support EVFAC , provides an important service in conserving resources, and helps our members acquire supplies at reduced costs.   We have limits on space and staff time for processing donations and ask that you contact us before bringing in any donations.

Since EVFAC has the 501(c)(3) nonprofit status we will send you a thank-you letter, in return for your donation. The information on the donation form provides us with your current contact information, which we will use to thank you, and which you can use to claim your tax refund. The form also allows us to track community support. Your donation will be put to good use: either sold in our shop or used in our Center as determined by our staff. Items must be in good, usable condition; for example materials should not be contaminated by mold, moths or smoke. EVFAC retains the right to refuse items.

Donation Wishlist

If you are looking for a way to help, below is a list of items we could really use.

  • Paper towels, cleaning supplies and general office supplies
  • Ground caffeinated coffee & coffee supplies
  • Items for the dye kitchen: Paper shredder, Bottle Scrubber, Wide Mouth funnel (canning supply), regular sized funnels, Stainless Steel tongs, Digital scale in grams and ounces
  • Propane tank

Community Giving Programs

Amazon Smile Logo

Give .05% back to EVFAC through shopping on Amazon through AmazonSmile. Click here for the link to shop!

We are participating in the Smith’s Community Rewards Program. There is no cost to get involved and we will benefit greatly with your help. Albertsons cards are available at EVFAC and Smith’s rewards cards can be registered for at Please distribute widely to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers who may be willing to help us as well. Click here to download specific instructions.


Tax Deductions

When planning a donation to the Center, you might be able to take a tax deduction for all or a portion of the fair market value of your gift. Consult your tax advisor for details as EVFAC Staff is prohibited from estimating the value of a gift. Check the internet or a local dealer involved in buying and selling Fiber Arts goods and equipment for an estimated retail value for most products. Your donation is deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. By signing thie Donation Form you recognize that you did not receive any goods or services from EVFAC in exchange for this donation.