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BLENDING HACKLE with Glenna Dean Part 3 of Fiber Ventures Series

June 22, 2019
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Make your own custom wool Top (combed fiber) using a blending hackle, colored wool, dyed nepps  (tiny bits of wool that look something like confetti), other texture, silk and glitz. Gain the confidence to design and make unique yarns not available in stores.

 Inspiration Kits include:  combed Top in a variety of colors, wild or mulberry silk and other assorted add ins.

Materials student should provide: None

PS:The class size is limited by the number of Blending Hackles. If you have your own we can increase the numbers.

Glenna Dean holds advanced degrees in archeology and botany and is trained as an archeobotanist. Glenna’s Abiquiu Dye Studio, on the banks of the Chama River, specializes in plant dyes mostly grown or gathered in Northern New Mexico.

This class requires a minimum of two students. See our Class Payment and Refund Policy.

Non-Member: $45 (Member $35)

Materials Fee: $10
Materials fee is paid at first class meeting.