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Doubleweave On a Rigid Heddle Loom - with Liz Gipson

January 25, 2020
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Interested in stretching your wings and learning the full potential of your little loom? This class will walk you though using two heddles for a weaver’s favorite—doubleweave. We will explore ways to weave fabric twice the width of your loom and to weave two layers of fabric connected at the selvedges, perfect for bags and pillows. 

Student will weave a small bag in class that will allow the students to explore these facets of doubling your looms potential including yarn selection, warping, weaving, and finishing tips. 

Students should have warped and woven a couple of projects and be familiar with basic weaving terminology.

Tools and Materials: Rigid-heddle loom with a double heddle block at least an 8-inch weaving block, loom clamps and warping peg, two 8-dent rigid heddles, threading hook, two 10'' pick-up sticks, 2 shuttles. If you have questions about your looms suitability for this class, please feel free to contact the instructor at

Materials fee: includes yarn and handouts.  

Weaving has occupied a big space in Liz’s life. She has written books about it, taught hundreds of in-person and online workshops, and worked in various roles in the weaving world for nearly twenty years. In particular, she is passionate about the rigid-heddle loom—a portable, affordable, powerful little beauty is the perfect vehicle to introduce folks to weaving and keep them engaged for a lifetime. 

In 2013 she launched Yarnworker, a source for rigid heddle know-how and inspiration. With the help of a dedicated patron community, she opened the Yarnworker School in 2017 where she hosts online classes and weave-alongs. You can learn more about Liz and the rigid-heddle loom, at

This class requires a minimum of three students. See our Class Payment and Refund Policy.

Non-Member: $95 (Member $80)

Materials Fee: $15
Materials fee is paid at first class meeting.