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August 22 - August 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Beginning with the simple overshot “pattern weave,” participants will be invited to modify a pattern to support their own explorations in their own story. This sampling flow will open students to the essence of their individual creative expression in their weaving. Their personal color and design sense will form the starting point for continuing invention. 

Because the class works together on the same projects, each person’s personal growth becomes a group learning experience. We will weave to find a flow of images, colors, and textures connecting our story elements and moving us in new expressions, uniquely our own.

Preparing the Warp:  We will use a black warp, which visually recedes and thus supports the exploration of subtle as well as strong color contrasts in our wefts.  The black cotton yarn will be pre-selected and available for purchase before the beginning of class. Warps should be made in advance with care to be sure that the cross is clean. Warps need a chokepoint about every 3 feet and can be spread and rolled on the back beam. Please do not draw in the heddles before class.  We will decide on our individual patterns, in class, then draw the warp through the heddles and reed at 2 ends per dent using an 8 dent reed making 16 ends per inch. The warp must be 4 yds. long,  the weaving width will be 8"wide at 16 ends per inch making the total number of ends to be 128 warp ends.  For those students who wish to continue weaving after class should make the warp longer by 2 or more yds. **Beginner should set up a private lesson or find an experienced assistant.

Materials students should provide: Materials students should provide: Notebook, graph paper, pencil, scissors, tapestry needles and yarn for weft and sampling

Ted Hallman is a nationally acclaimed fiber artist, who dedicated his career to the exploration and mastery of technique, structure and form. Inspired by ethnic lore and sacred geometry his evocative woven art is the groundwork to which he entwines his story integrating the loom, interlacing, knitting, crocheting, knotting, looping. Ted holds a master of fine arts in textiles and paintings from Cranbrook Academy of Art and received a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at University of California at Berkeley. He served as head of the textile department at Moore College of Art and Design, innovating a work-study program with the textile industry in New York City. He was also head of the textile department at Ontario College of Art and Design where he originated “off campus” programs in Kyoto, Japan; Paris, France; and Italy. Among his many honors, Ted was inducted into the American Craft Council College of Fellows and received the Governor of Pennsylvania Outstanding Contributions to the Commonwealth Award. His artwork is found in numerous public collections including: The Hermitage State Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; National Design Museum, New York; Museum of Applied Art, Helsinki, Finland; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Art Institute of Chicago; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Renwick Collection, and Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania.

This class requires a minimum of 2 students for the class to run. See our Class Payment and Refund Policy.

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