Fiber Ventures

EVFAC’s Fiber Ventures focuses on buying local fiber, processing it into various products (roving, batting, weaving and knitting yarn) and marketing them locally through shows and a number of retail avenues. This program, managed by EVFAC staff, links shepherds, fiber artists and entrepreneurs with the market place, creating more demand for local fiber and diversified fiber products from New Mexico.

Fiber Sourcing: To develop new products, we have started buying and accepting donations of wool from local farmers and fiber artists. Presently we are experimenting with blends, colors and products that have been developed under our label EVFAC’s Own can be purchased at our retail store. We continue to source fiber to increase our line of products, and we are interested in acquiring fiber of any kind through purchase, donation or swap. Please contact the Director of Development for more information.

Fiber Processing: processing fiber in quantity requires diverse and reliable processing facilities. New Mexico counts few such facilities, equipped with reprocessed industrial equipment, that differ in their capacity and capability. We plan to work them all. Most recently EVFAC initiated a collaboration with the Mora Valley Spinning Mill, based on EVFAC equipment housed at the Mill, that capitalizes on the Mill’s experience, availability of a local labor force, and an active Fiber Arts community. The Mora Mill already processes fleeces and fiber from local shepherds and from surrounding states, offering products such as roving for hand-spinners as well as finished yarns for weaving and knitting. The Mill now has the capacity to process smaller quantities of wool from local flocks of sheep as well as fibers from alpacas, llamas and mohair goats, to name a few.

Fiber Products: EVFAC’s Own includes multi-colored roving, yarns that have been locally dyed and painted, and batting in various blends. All these products adhere to the New Mexico Locally Grown and/or New Mexico Locally Processed product requirements, and can be purchased at EVFAC and through our Shopping cart. Click on SHOP to view and purchase.