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Wax Melter

WAX MELTER - Batik wax melter with directions & box of wax. $60-Melter, $12-Box of Wax. Contact: Diana at

Walking Loom
NM WALKING LOOM - Mirador style loom with 2 harnesses. 49" wide x 47" deep x 64" high. Weaving width 40", weaving height 43". $1,400. Please call 505-753-7017.

Harrisville Loom

HARRISVILLE LOOM - 36" Harrisville loom, folds to 42" x 13", 4 harness, 6 treadle & sectional beam. $500. Contact: EVFAC at 505-474-3577 or

AVL Loom
RUG LOOM - 6' AVL Dobby Rug loom with 8 harnesses, sectional beam, set of extra pedals, 8 and 12 dent reeds. $6,000. Please contact Sarah Lamont at 505-681-6350 or

60in Cranbrook Loom

CRANBROOK LOOM - 60" Cranbrook loom, 4 harness, 6 treadle, worm gear, bench, back bench and overhang shelf. 10 years old, one owner. $5,000. Contact: Donna at 505-466-1064 or

TRACK LIGHTS - Track lights for craft shows or studio. 4 tracks each, 50" long. 18 lights with bulbs and extra light bulbs. High quality. $250. Call: Renata at 505-685-4536


Glimakra Loom. Glimakra "Ideal" countermarch 27"---4 shaft--sectional warp beam--bench $2,095. Call: Ernesto (505) 662-7579 or email

Cranbrook Loom

Cranbrook Loom. 48" 4-Harness Cranbrook Loom. $2,500. For more information call Donna at 505-466-1064.

LeClerc Loom . LeClerc Loom
LeClerc Loom. 4 Harness LeClerc Loom in great condition with bench and many extra weaving materials (2-3 large tubs of wool, spinners, winders, tools & books). $900. For more information, please call Barbara at 505-660-5692.

Cranbrook Countermarche Loom. Must sell Cranbrook Countermarche, 8-shaft, 56" wide, 60" deep, 72" high, 45" maximum weaving width. Has overhead beater, shelf, texsolv heddles and a variety of dents. $1,400. For more information, please call Ann Blankenship at 331-3012 or email


Rio Grande Loom

Rio Grande Cadillac Loom.This loom is a tapestry and rug weaver's dream! 60" weaving width, built of solid hard rock maple. Two additional treadles have been added to more comfortably weave wider pieces. Excellent condition and available for pickup in Taos, NM. $4,750. For more information and to view, please call 575-758-0095. Follow this link for manufacturer's web site and more details.


CONTRACT WEAVER: I am looking for someone to do contract weaving for me. They would have to have an 8 harness loom or access to one. My weavings are 8 harness “block twill”. If interested, please contact Maria at to talk about the logistics'—i.e. monetary compensation, supplies etc.

48" to 60" JACK-TYPE LOOM WITH SECTIONAL BEAM. Contact: Donna at 505-466-1064 or

CENTINELA TRADITIONAL ARTS is looking for help dyeing wool with natural dyes in our dye house located in Chimayo. Call Lisa at 505-351-2180.

SADDLE BLANKET WEAVERS: Equine Oasis is looking for a weaver to make 8-12 38"x36" saddle blankets — Contact Tim Bauer at Equine Oasis, 303-841-6770.

WEAVING INSTRUCTOR—Santa Fe County Senior Program is looking for a weaving instructor to teach a 2-hour class, once per week at their senior center in Chimayo. Contact Andrea Romero, 505-690-5707.

Art TeachersSanta Fe Waldorf High School, an integrated liberal arts high school, is seeking experienced fiber arts teachers for the 2012-13 academic year.  We are looking for instructors in Weaving, Colcha and Felting to teach 4-6-week Art Blocks, two to three afternoons per week from 2-3:20 PM.  Teachers are paid an hourly rate for teaching. Contact Elizabeth Towers, 505-467-6423 or

STITCHES FROM THE HEART - a non-profit which donates knit, crocheted, and quilted items for babies and young children to hospitals across the US needs volunteer stitchers to make baby hats, blankets, booties, etc. DONATIONS of yarn are always welcome! To learn more, contact Barbara at 575-770-2867.