EVFAC is a regional hub of Fiber Arts activity. Our programs aim to increase markets for area farmers producing raw fiber (for example, heirloom Navajo-Churro wool, other wool including mohair, llama, alpaca, angora, bison and yak) by serving fiber art hobbyists, newly discovered talent, novice micro-entrepreneurs, seasoned fiber artists, and those looking to acquire a marketable skill rooted in local traditions such as weaving.

Our programs, developed to serve the community, address the following principles:

Guiding Principles

Fiber artists and their Work – Our Members are artists who work with fiber. Their handmade creations are unique and transformative to the individual and the communities.

Textile Heritage – We aim to conserve the Fiber Arts traditions of New Mexico. Community, as well as public education, is one way to keep these traditions alive enabling them to be passed from one generation to the next.

Inclusion – Our Center is welcoming and open to all. Every Fiber Arts activity has the opportunity to contribute and teach across the social or cultural boundaries.

Development –The value chain of fiber begins with the shepherd and ends with the client that values the locally handmade product. Each link of the chain in-between is an artist and a community, jointly fostering economic development along the way.

Partnerships – Value is increased through collaborative efforts that respect heritage and foster economic sustainability.