Youth Education

Children and Youth

Besides offering classes at EVFAC geared towards younger learners, we also have a Traveling Fiber Trunk program that takes fiber arts into schools and other organizations and offers children of diverse ages a hands-on and multidisciplinary experience of traditional fiber arts. Contact EVFAC's Youth Education Coordinator for more information on this program by emailing or calling us at (505)747-3577.

Read the Traveling Fiber Trunk program flyer (CLICK HERE) for additional program details!

Want To Request a Special Class for Youth at EVFAC?

Give us a call! Our instructors are experts in the Fiber Arts fields and many love to work with children. Their hands-on approach will inspire youth of any age to create original and innovative Fiber Arts projects. From weaving to dyeing, felting to embroidery, we have many options that can be catered to children and other groups!

Youth Fiber Trunk