The Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (EVFAC) is a unique resource for fiber artists and those who find beauty in the fiber arts. Visitors to the adobe storefront in the historic district of Española, New Mexico enter a world of looms, colorful yarns, beautiful handmade textiles, books, and supplies.

EVFAC is guided by a Strategic Plan (2016-2018) that outlines its Mission, Vision, and Guiding Values.


Cultivate and support multi-generational participation in local, traditional and contemporary Fiber Arts.


The hub of a thriving and respected Fiber Arts community.


Fiber Artists and their Work – EVFAC supports the creativity of artists who work with fiber and their unique handmade creations.
Textile Heritage – EVFAC fosters and builds upon Fiber Arts traditions practiced in New Mexico.
Inclusion – EVFAC is committed to engaging in continuous learning that bridges cultures and social boundaries through innovation, openness, trust and knowledge-sharing.
Promotion of the Fiber Ecosystem – The Fiber Arts begin with the shepherd or farmer and end with the client who values the locally handmade product. EVFAC promotes a Fiber Ecosystem that grows, harvests, prepares and uses fibers creatively.
Community and Partnerships – Appreciation for the value of the Fiber Arts builds EVFAC’s community through collaborative efforts that respect heritage and foster economic sustainability.


EVFAC logos

Black and White logo – 1998

Full Color Logo – 2001

New Logo – 2014

Over the years EVFAC’s logo has evolved as the organization has grown. From graphic to pictographic to symbolic, the progression encapsulates the shifts and changes brought by time while holding on to the feeling and heart at the Center of EVFAC’s mission.

Today the symbolic logo depicts the geographic location of the Española Valley, where the Rio Grande river cuts between mountain ranges, opening up to a fertile valley. The saturated adobe color alludes to the sundrenched earth which is juxtaposed by saturated New Mexican turquoise sky. Tapestry-style weaving motifs with an angular zigzag dominate, however they allude to the richness of design elements found in many handcrafted pieces throughout the Fiber Arts. This unique location and creativity is enclosed into a circular shape that is representational of the vibrant Fiber Arts community that the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center encompasses today.